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Refrigerated/Frozen Products

ATTENTION: In order to maintain the quality of our products, during the summer months (between June and August) we will NOT be shipping refrigerated items via UPS. If these items are added to your order, they will NOT be shipped, even if you have added the thermal packaging to your shopping cart and the amount related to them will be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding.

To ship Refrigerated Goods to the state of Michigan via courier (UPS carrier option or Michigan Flat Rate at checkout) it is necessary to add thermal packaging ($8 ) at your request. This is located in the refrigerated/frozen items section of the website and must be added to your shopping cart.


If you live in our Local Delivery area you DO NOT need to add the thermal packaging to purchase frozen and refrigerated items.


In order to maintain the quality of our products, we DO NOT ship frozen items via carrier (Frozen items are only available in our Local delivery area)

To other states we only ship dry items via UPS carrier (We do not ship frozen and/or refrigerated items to other states)

Refrigerated items: those that are kept in the fridge such as curd cheese, catupiry cheese, sausage, jerky, pastel dough, among others.

Frozen items: those that are kept in the freezer such as frozen fruit pulp, frozen cassava, frozen cassava, cheese bread, ice cream, pamonha, cod, codfish balls, among others (will NOT be sent via courier, even if the customer includes the thermal packaging in the order)

Refrigerated and Frozen products are eligible only for our local delivery area (NO thermal package is necessary for this case)

We do ship through carrier (UPS or Michigan Flat Rate) REFRIGERATED products ONLY for Michigan state (Michigan cities that are not in our delivery area). In this case it is necessary to add a thermal package in your order.

We DO NOT ship (UPS carrier) FROZEN products.

For other states we Only ship (UPS carrier) Dry Products.